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Let's get started...Capturing memories!

Each event, each moment, and each memory is a special treasure. A photograph is a memory you can hold in your hand and share with those you love. When you are creating memories in life, you want to make sure to document these experiences to enjoy later. I would love to Partner with you on this, together we will make some memories come to life!

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Your Part...

come to the photo shoot looking great and ready to have some fun!

My Part...

capturing your memories!

Leave the work to me

Let's have fun!

Making it easy

I will make this as simple and easy as possible. I can help you pick the right photo package, choose a perfect location, or even assist you with wardrobe choices. I will help you as little or as much as you want or need!

Family in desert playing together, Desert Family Photo shoot at Broadway Trailhead.


Suzie O.

"I just opened the email and I'm already in love with the first photo!!! You are amazing and I am truly booking you for future shoots!

Rustic barn setting for a family photoshoot in Tucson AZ.

This is why I do what I do...

My Passion

A single photo can evoke such deep, rich emotions. I love capturing these emotions, stories, and the essence of who people are. ~"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving"~ Aaron Siskind

Mommy and baby, Lifestyle and Documentary Style photography, home studio Tucson AZ

When people respond to their photos with...

"These Brought tears,

I love them so much",

This is why I do what I do. this is what motivates me,

feeds me, drives me...

This is my passion

This is why I love photography

Your Story...

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

We all have our journey, the path we have taken, the road we are on now, and the places we will explore. These are our stories. It is through these photos that our story is told. I would love to capture your stories through photography.

Vintage photo of old books and an apple in a garden setting by Tucson Photographer

How it works

The Process



Get in Touch

you are interested, but you might have a few questions

The best way to book is through my website. "Let's chat"

Fill out the form with as much information as possible. Tell me a about your vision for your photoshoot. Then I will contact you and we can discuss more in detail. I will answer any questions that you may have, and you can decide on the photoshoot that best suits your needs.



Moving Forward

Ready to Book?

If you have decided to move forward and have chosen your session, we will talk about locations. If you have chosen the Moments session, there are select locations to choose from. If you have chosen the Memories or Adventure session, then we can discuss where you would like your photoshoot to take place. There are so many great locations to choose from, you may have some ideas, or I can offer some.

I may send you a questionnaire if we haven't already discussed all of the questions yet. We will also discuss who will be involved in the photoshoot as well as if there will be any props or pets. If you would like advice on wardrobe, I will be happy to help. If you haven't received my wardrobe guide, please let me know.



Time to Book

If you are ready to book, the next step is to sign a contract and pay the retainer

Once you have your session and location chosen, I will send you a quote or contract. Since we have discussed everything, this will be a review of what you decided. It's time to get your date on the books. I will need a signed contract and the retainer paid. If you have a specific date in mind, make sure to book early! It's time to BOOK your session!



Your photo Session

Make sure you have all the details planned out!

Time sneaks up on us! If you haven't decided on the location or your wardrobe, or any other last-minute decisions, make sure not to put that off. It's easy to think that you have plenty of time to make these little choices, then all of a sudden, it's the week of the photo shoot and you are in panic mode! Remember I am here to walk you through all of these decisions. So, if you are struggling with anything let me know and we can discuss in detail what your thoughts are and come up with some great ideas.



Scheduled and ready to go!

Now the fun is about to start!

I will send you a reminder about 1 week prior to the session and then again about 2 days before the session. We will confirm exactly where we will meet up and any final details. Your second payment is due 48 hours prior to the photoshoot . Come relaxed and ready to have enjoy. This is what you've been waiting for. We'll meet up, have a ton of fun, and make some fantastic images! Remember this should be stress-free. Leave the work up to me, your job is to just enjoy!



After the Shoot

Your gallery is ready!!!

About 2 weeks after your session, you will receive your digital gallery with your images. (Unless you request me to keep them private.) Your final payment is made at this point. From this gallery you will choose your final images. Once you make your choices, I will complete any final touch ups and finish your gallery within a few days. If you have ordered prints, they will arrive shortly after.



Delivery of your Gallery

Just one more thing...

If you enjoyed working with me, and had a great experience please drop a review on Google! I really appreciate your help. 5-star reviews are the best way for my site to gain visibility and stay on the front page of google. It also helps if you copy and paste that review into Yelp and Face Book. The more exposure I have the more my business grows! Finally, referrals are the lifeblood of my clientele. Many of my customers have come from other happy customers' referrals. My goal is for you to want to use me as your Tucson Photographer, or Washington Photographer for all your photography needs. I appreciate feedback and look forward to working with you!


How many pictures will we receive?

Make sure to choose a package that fits your specific needs. We will talk about this in our preliminary design consultation. If it is just a few, or you need quite a few we can make sure you choose a session that is the right fit!

How should we dress for our family session?

This is your session and you get to choose how you dress! Some people know exactly what they want and have everything planned out, and that is great! Some people want a little more help. Sometimes choosing everything from the wardrobe to accessories, and sometimes just color suggestions. Whatever help you need, that is what I am for.

What if the weather turns bad?

Some of my best shoots were right as a monsoon was rolling in. We left just in time to not get drenching wet. The sky, the lighting, and the mood was amazing. However, if we need to reschedule, that's what we do!

What is an initial design consultation?

This is where we have a phone convo to discuss what you would like in a photoshoot, and we design a photoshoot perfect for you. We discuss what you are using the photos for, how many you need, what the mood is for the shoot, where would be a perfect location, how long we need, what your wardrobe, accessories, props, etc. might include, who will be at the shoot, and finally if there are any must-have photos. We also discuss any challenges that might come up and if you have an inspirational idea you would like to share. Then we find a session that works best with your parameters, or if we need to design one just for you.

What if we want more?

During our initial design consultation we will choose a session that fits all of your needs... but what if you decide you want more photos??? That's completely fine, you can purchase additional photos (see pricing summary)

It's so hard to choose a location!

During your initial design consultation we will design a session that best meets your needs and ultimately your story! With that said, it's kind of like writing a story, you need a plot (the theme of your photo shoot) you need a setting (the location) and you need characters! When we talk about this everything falls into place.

Let's tell your Story

Your story through photography
1st home buyer photoshoot in Tacoma Washington.  Couple sitting on front porch.

Let's document your memories

your memories captured
AZ dog family photoshoot.  Pheonix area photographer takes photo of CEO with her dogs and sig other.  AZ photoshoot.

Collecting Life's Moments

A visual diary to look back on and to share...
Tucson lifestyle family photographer.  Mommy and baby photoshoot Tucson WA.