Ventana CAnyon Trailhead

We often think of desertscapes with saguaro cactus, prickly pears, and golden sands. But the desert is so much more. Ventana Canyon Trailhead is tucked away in the foothills, bubbling streams, lush vegetation and and abundance of small critters.

Agua Caliente Park

One of my favorite places, weather looking for a sunset, palm trees, green grass and open fields or water scapes this park has it all! Over 101 acres this park has so many choices in scenery and lighting to create the perfect photo opportunities!

Saguaro national Park East

There probably isn't a more idyllic location for a Tucson Photo shoot if you want to capture the heart of Tucson. Stunning Saguaro Cactus, sunset views, rolling rugged hillsides speckled with a variety of cactus. Just prior to the visitor center there are pullouts for capturing some great shots, but if you want to go higher there is a fee for the national forest and for permits. This is well worth the extra!

rio Vista natural resource park

This is a great little park very central in town. It has a ranch right next to it offering some rustic traditional ranch photos, it also has interesting architecture, green grass, desert landscape and mountain views. A little of everything!

Broadway Trailhead

On the north end of Saguaro national park lays the Broadway trail head. I love the wide-open spaces tucked into the majestic Saguaro cacti. Mountain ranges to the east and north of the park add to the stunning backdrop and if you want to meet at sunset, the west views are spectacular.


This is on the East Tucson near 22nd St & Houghton, again a great little park with a green grassy area, mountain views and lovely mountain backgrounds. Case Natural Park is a perfect spot for a quiet stroll, and if you love to watch butterflies there is even a delightful butterfly garden hidden in the park. This unique and diverse little park has lots to offer for a great photo shoot. If you catch it at sunset it is even more enchanting!

Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon has so many wonderful locations and a huge scenic variety. It may be rocky cliffs or pine trees, mountain streams or desert fields. It's about an hour drive up the mountain so there is travel fees, but I would be happy for you to share the travel fees with another family or two. There are so many possibilities up the mountain any time of year!

Down town...

I love Tucson with its unique architecture, interesting streets, colorful murals, and colorful houses. There is not only so much to experience but there is so much to see and take part in. Tucson has some awesome places for a photo shoot. Whether it is walking downtown, hanging out around old town, the barrio, or interesting old or new architecture not to mention finding a mural that speak to your personality or photo shoot style. So many opportunities!