Hi, I am Sandy

I would lOve to tell your story through PHOTOGRAPHY

Always the kid with the camera, I loved documenting life through photos. As an adult I look back at photos from years past and treasure the stories of life from another time. My children as adults look back at photographs of their memories and share these with their children, stories of childhood passed on through photography!

Our Philosophy

Photography is Capturing images of your life...

Journeys Photo Stories documents your life’s stories, naturally, uniquely, charmingly. It’s all about telling your story, your journey all while having fun!

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Life's Moments


Life's moments ~


Life's special moments are memories that are treasured for a lifetime. These moments come and go quickly, the experiences you embrace a but a moment in time. Enjoy the moment, be present, experience deeply.

It is these moments that you will want to share with others, your friends and family, with each other as you reminiscence the good times... the memories, the defining moments, the family celebrations.

it is your time to enjoy and experience. I will take the photos, capture the memories, create the treasures for you to look back on.

Introductory Packages: (limited offer)

  • $275 for up to 5 people
  • 25 lifestyle digitals
  • up to 45 minutes

*Additional fees may apply for travel or event costs.

*Additional digitals may be available for purchase


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"“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”"

~Dorothea Lange