Journeys PhotoStories~

Life's precious moments quickly turn into memories.

Document your memories,

Your life stories,

through Photography.

Don't let the moment pass by.

Capture Memories

Special times last for a moment, Photos Last a Lifetime

We save our pennies and make vacation time memorable, we dream and plan. The time comes, and it is magical. But the time flies by and soon you are heading back home.
As you browse through your photo memories, did you capture some great ones of YOU having fun?

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Journeys PhotoStories

Your Tucson AZ Lifestyle, Storyteller and Documentary Style Photographer.

Capturing Stories of your Life's Journeys

Journeys PhotoStories

Documenting your life's stories,

naturally, uniquely, charmingly.

I would love to tell your story,

your journey,

all while having fun!

Hiring a professional photographer... suggested steps in the process...



One of the first things to do when choosing a photographer is to check out their style. Photography is art, and every artist has a style. Does their style resonate with you?

You can browse my Gallery or just peruse my website to check out my style.



Check out the sessions offered. What type of session would you like. How many people will be in the group, where would you like the session taken, what time of day, how much time would do you have available, and finally what is your budget. Is there a session that meets your needs?



Next step - contact a photographer who resonates with you. Choose someone that you are comfortable with. Find out more about me here, and explore my blog... it's not a typical photography blog, it's more about my heart, a little about the business, and a smidge about photography.



So, you like the style, found the perfect session, and choose your photographer. Now it's time to schedule your photo session. Review your session guide and fill out your questionnaire. if you want, check out my style guide... or ask for a personalized style guide.

Retro Wedding, bride at alter with her bouquet.

Weddings & Events

Make sure you have your special day covered. You will want to look back, treasure those memories, and share them with your children and grandchildren.