The Stories Behind the Journey

Washington State


Tucson AZ Photographer

Becoming Journeys

Life, a mosaic of experiences, unveils itself in a series of moments that define us. As I stand on the cusp of my 60s, I find myself drawn to a new adventure—a journey of rediscovery, rekindling passions, and reshaping my narrative through the lens of my experiences. Join me in this heartfelt reflection, where I share the lessons from a life lived authentically and the thrill of embracing dreams, with the added hues of being a Tucson Lifestyle Photographer and a Washington State Storyteller.

Lessons from My Children's Journeys

The pride that swells within me isn't from personal accolades but from witnessing the unique tales my children are crafting. Guiding them to follow their passions has been our family's compass. Their diverse journeys, each a testament to the power of authenticity, fuel my own exploration.

Becoming a Tucson Lifestyle Photographer

My love affair with photography began in childhood, where I was the kid with a camera, capturing life's nuances through my lens. High school introduced me to yearbooks, a world where images became stories. College was a maze, but photography remained a faithful companion.

The chapter of motherhood unfolded, steering me into the role of a stay-at-home mom. Photography rekindled; this time teaching became a platform to inspire young minds to see beauty in the mundane—a journey that added depth to my storytelling craft.

From Fear to the Pursuit of Dreams: The Birth of Journeys PhotoStories

Years later, job dissatisfaction and a yearning for change brought me back to my camera. Fear took a backseat as I turned my passion into a business, birthing Journeys PhotoStories. This is where my Journey began as a Tucson Lifestyle Photographer. I found my love of Documentry Photography and Story Telling through images. Each image, a frozen moment, a captured narrative, a celebration of life's subtleties.

In seeking the 'why' behind my direction, a profound love for the stories woven through photographs emerged. Each image became a chapter in a visual story, inviting viewers to join the narrative. Today, I proudly wear the hat of a Tucson Lifestyle Photographer, weaving tales through my lens.

Choosing a Path and a Place:

As I navigate this new chapter, the concept of 'home' resonates deeply. Tucson, my current canvas, has been a rich backdrop for my photographic journey. Yet, the nostalgic embrace of Redmond, Washington, my hometown, tugs at my heart. It beckons as a Washington Photographer, promising evergreen scents, sun-kissed lakes, the majesty of Mount Rainier, and the enchantment of changing seasons. I am so fortunate at this time to be able to embrace both Tucson and Washington. I am still navigating how to best work that into my business model, but for the most part I am content to say I am both a Washington State Photographer, and a Tucson AZ Photographer.

Here is Where I find myself, A Timeless Invitation to Dream and Connect

So here I am, a 60+-year-old, embracing this ongoing adventure, extending an invitation for you to join me in the celebration of change, the pursuit of passions, and the belief that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Life's milestones are not endpoints but opportunities for reflection, reevaluation, and the joyous pursuit of a life that resonates with authenticity.

Your Journey... Your inspiration

As you read these words, may you find inspiration to ponder your own journey, to rediscover your passions, and to take the courageous steps toward a life that aligns with your deepest desires. The pages of your story are an unwritten canvas, waiting for the brushstrokes of your dreams to bring them to life.

Couple walking hand in hand at Seattle Center with Space Needle in the background
Young Family of Three, Mom is pregnant.  They are enjoying a moment watching the sun set at Saguaro National Forest.
Young Couple enjoying the beautiful Tulip Fields in Washington State.
And Engagement photo shoot with a friend's horse as a photo bomb.