Dreams of a Secret Garden

There is a slight breeze, and it’s 84 on this glorious mid-February day. Tucson is lovely this time of year! I spent the day working in my garden thinking about how to create a perfect space for family photos. My plan is to create a secret garden, a beautiful, lush garden location that is easy for families to stage a photoshoot. An oasis in the desert. 


Picture a year-round flowering garden, hummingbirds, and butterflies 🦋 skirting around. The fragrant smell of flowers fills the air. Your little ones happily dancing around. It’s an easy location for photos, sitting around a bistro table sipping on sweet tea, lavender lemonade, and cookies of course. 


I recently spent a day at the Tucson Botanical Gardens which filled my mind with a multitude of ideas of garden spaces, serene pathways, and quiet nooks tucked away with flowers spilling over pots, And butterflies, lots of butterflies.


Soon ideas began to emerge. I began to picture Fairy mini-shoots, Tea Parties, Teddy Bears Picnics, Mommy & me, and so much more. 

A Monarch Butterfly lands for a tasty treat on a pretty red flower.

Butterfly Dreams, Faries, and Princesses~

The Beginnings of a Dream...

Back to reality. This little garden of mine is a baby garden. A day at Mesquite Valley Growers set me back quite a ways for little starters of various ground covers, lacy lavender, Japanese honeysuckle, chocolate mint, a few varieties of daisies, and a couple other plants which I am not quite sure of. Later as I stepped back I realized I needed much more to fill in the gaps, so off to the garden store to purchase seeds, hoping to keep the cost down a bit. 


Now I sit here, with phase one of my garden started and so much more to go. Thoughts of what comes next enter my mind. A screen to hide the playground, a way to camouflage an ugly chain link fence, a quaint Bristol set, and pots to add more pops of color! 

Cheerful yellow tulips lined up along a rickety rustic fence.

The weather promises to hold out for a few days,

and I am hoping we don’t have another freeze this year. But while it’s beautiful in my part of the word, I will take advantage of Sunday afternoons to daydream about plans, Garden Photo shoots, Fairy Photo Shoots, and even Picinic photo shoots. Because after all I am a Tucson Lifestyle Photographer, and it is beautiful year-round! So why not take advantage of the weather!

And as I sit and write this, A hummingbird stops to visit my new garden and I smile, because while I am creating this for my Photo Stories, I am creating this because of my love for beautiful gardens and all the visitors it brings! 

 The sun is setting and as is normal for a winter day in Tucson, it is quickly cooling down. So with that I hope you will watch as I build this little secret garden, and discover all the possibilities it will bring once it grows. (I hope it won’t take too long!) Follow along as I share my adventures. And let me know what you would like to see for photoshoot ideas, in this little secret garden. 



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(Photos included are taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens a Tucson Treasure and my inspiration!)