What is so important anyway

Life is never so good as when I am surrounded by family. I cherish the moments when my kids are gathered around laughing. Memories swirl around me as my grandchildren wrestle just like their parents did years ago. We laugh and talk.

One evening as we sat and talked about kids growing up so fast, the talk turned to a photo book sitting on a table. The album was about a family. The happy times while 3 children grew up. It was filled with memories of family outings, trips, and daily life. While the book was without words it told the journeys of the life they shared together. No words were needed, the photos wove the stories together beautifully, the images capturing the times of joy, the happiness shared. But the story also told of a loss, a life taken way to soon.

It could have been a sad story, but even with the sorrow this was a happy story. A story of love and togetherness. My sweet daughter in law looked at me when she told me how her little one asks to hear the stories of her childhood and her brother. Her little boy will never get to meet his uncle, but through the stories he has the opportunity to know the wonderful young man, his uncle.

And this is why photos are so wonderful. Those cherished moments can be shared, relived. I realized that behind the camera I have the opportunity to capture precious moments in life. To tell the story of life, hardships, victories, and beauty. So, I will continue to tell stories, weave tales, and document life. I hope you will join me in this Journey.

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Lifestyle Photographer

Little boy in an old fire truck, excited for the moment.  Taken at the Phoenix Childrens Museum,

Family Lifestyle Photography

As a family photographer in Tucson, I love the desert, the sunsets, and the mountains that surround us.  The mild winters bring a reprieve from the hot summers, which I love in their own way.  As a Family Lifestyle photographer, I capture life in natural, organic settings where your family will feel comfortable and your uniqueness shines through.  

Family Documentary Photography

I love documentary style photography, capturing life as it is, moment by moment.  Does this mean nothing is staged.  Not necessarily.  But it is far more natural, almost candid.  Life frozen in the midst of living.  So whether it's a day at the zoo, a trip up Mount Lemon, or a special family event.  I can be there to document the moments and help you create a showcase of family art.  

Stylized Photography

While I love the natural, organic candid moments of both Tucson Lifestyle Photography and Documentary Photography, there is also something special about stylized photography.  This is like creating a set for a movie, but on a much smaller scale.  And the clients are all actors.  This unique genre of photography is creatively unique.  I will go into detail later about this unique style.

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If you're looking for a photographer here in Tucson, or even on the west coast of Washington state, browse through my photos, or galleries. Decide if I am a good fit. I you like what you see. then Please reach out. I would love to discuss your photography needs.