I would love to

get to know you!

Hi! Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a comfy chair. Let's chat.

Coffee is my comfort food, and it's a great way to get to relax and take a moment to just sit and reflect. Which, having ADHD, is often hard for me... so when I want to chill, it's coffee time!

A little about myself, I have a passion for photography, kiddos, anything retro, and midcentury modern furniture. I love gardening, and butterflies make me smile. The desert is my feel-good place, and the Pacific Northwest holds my heart. If I am not taking photos, I am probably editing them. If I am not editing photos, I might be found in my garden, or with my grandkids.

As a mom of seven adults, I probably have been there and done that for most parenting challenges. I have homeschooled and had my kids in public and charter schools, I have struggled through special needs and felt the joys of victories and the pains of defeat. And now I get to enjoy them as successful adults. Their children are now my delight! And with 7 grandkids, I am blessed! So, when you bring those littles to a shoot, don't worry about them being a little wild, uncooperative, or a little pouty. Together we will create some beautiful photo memories. I always smile when the parents think that all the pictures will come out with crying kids... and then they are surprised with happy, laughing photos of their kiddos.