Moments, it only takes a moment to capture wonderful photos

Sandy's Home Studio offers a way to stay out of the heat, neutral living room setting or a cozy guest room.
Mom with newborn, smiling at the camera for a photo shoot in Journeys home studio.

Let Your Important Moments Decorate Your Home

Tucked in at the end of Broadway is the beautiful trailhead that offers desertscapes and mountain views.
Aunti, playing with neice on the Broadway Trailhead for a photoshoot by Tucson family Photographer Sandy of Journeys. !

When time is of the essence, Moments Sessions...

Park setting, mountain views, desert scenes, Case Natural Resource Park
Case Natural Resource park is perfect for a family photo shoot of couple with dog, by Tucson Photographer

Broadway Trailhead

Desert landscape surrounded by mountain views.
Broadway trail is a perfect location for your desert photo shoots! A favorite location for Tucson Photographer Sandy

Journeys Garden Studio

Looking for an intimate garden setting. Creating a magical stylized scene. (Seasonal flowers)
Nostalgic Back to school photoshoot of girl with apples and old books by Journeys PhotoStories

A secret worth keeping

Hidden away in central Tucson you will find a little treasure. The Universities Master Gardener Demonstration garden will defiantely delight you. Lots of variety and unique backdrops for a unique session.
The Beautiful Master Gardens by the UofA program is a perfect location for a photoshoot by Tucson Photogapher

A refreshing Oasis

Green grass, palm trees, and a lake for a refreshing backdrop away from the desert scenes. Agua Caliente Park, and Oasis in the desert.
Family with baby enjoying a moment on a grassy field with palm trees and water in the background.  An Oasis in Tucson.
Moment Sessions, choose from these locations.

“Life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments.” ~AH

1. Journeys' home studio
2. Journey's outside garden studio
3. Case Natural Resource Park
4. Broadway Trailhead
6. Agua Caliente Park
7. Pima Master Gardener Gardens

Moments Session

It’s not about taking photos, it’s about building memories

these moments in your life are so precious...

“Enjoy small moments as they come. At the end, that's what makes life worthwhile.”
― Nadun Lokuliyanage.